Welcome to the SeedLife Network

We are a small network of house churches in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  SeedLife is intentionally simple.  We have no buildings and no staff.  We gather in homes and share our lives together.  Together we celebrate God, study his Word, and care for each other.

If you are in our local area and are interested in starting a house church or finding out more about what one is like feel free to contact us.  We would love to help out anyone who wants to try something similar.

What do we do?

Each individual church develops a unique set of patterns and practices to suit their particular community.  There is no central formula or playbook.  There are some common threads.

We meet in homes
We encourage lots of interaction and participation in our gatherings
We support one another
We  desire to build sincere relationships of trust and support

Each church has a lot of flexiblity in how they do things as long as they remain intentionally simple and faithful to Christ with the scriptures as their guide.

What do we believe?

The people that make up our churches come from various backgrounds.  Currently we have people from all sorts of traditions.  Everyone is invited to bring the best of their tradition and bless the rest of us with it.

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