Monthly Archives: November 2007

House church is settling in to a groove

It feels like it has been too long for me. Tonight my friends in church prayed earnestly for our oldest boy who has struggled a lot of late. It was touching to see genuine care and concern extended to our family. There are some things you miss when church is just a handful of people in a living room but there are things I long for that I’ve only found when there are a handful of people in a living room. Despite the reality that things never seem to go precisely as they are planned I often come away in better shape. Our group prays a lot and I really appreciate that.

There was another thing that was really cool. Our 11 year old really enjoyed the evening. He wants to lead a session on faith and use Maccabees. There is a profound lesson in this. If you make church simple ordinary people feel more freedom to participate.

Conference on the gospel

I have something to share that I am genuinely excited about.  3 friends and I are exploring the idea of hosting a conference next fall on the gospel.  It would address what I believe is one of two or three issues that are of utmost importance in the church today: the gospel.  I’m hoping that SeedLife will be able to be one of the sponsors. 

I believe the message of the good news is critical because I don’t believe the way we communicate what it means to follow Christ is complete.  Without a solid understanding of the gospel people are converted to "fire insurance" instead of the person of Christ.  Without a connection with Christ we remain unchanged and indistinct.  We absorb the values of a church subculture unredeemed by the actual love, life and hope of Christ.

I want to share more but I’d probably get in trouble if I did. 🙂