Breath of Life joins the Seedlife Network and other news

We are happy to announce that Breath of Life Mennonite Church has joined out little network of house churches.  I met one of their members at a church planting conference in Calgary and we quickly realized how similar our values were.  It was at the same conference we began our journey towards affiliating with the Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan.  Breath of Life has since joined MC Sask and if things continue as they have been SeedLife will do so as well at MC Sask’s next annual conference.

This May 29th we will have our first whole network gathering in a facility larger than a home.  We are still working out how this will look, how we can retain the participatory dna  in a larger group.   We are still going to eat together.  My experience at the worship freehouse of days gone by showed me that one can successfully integrate large group ministry and small group dynamics with a larger group of people.   If there is one thing that I miss about larger church gatherings is singing in a larger group.  I know others feels the same way.  We will have to see how it all looks.

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  1. Fred Pexa June 17, 2010

    I have been following the organic church movement for some time to ascertain the value of home churches vs regular church. We have in our church body tried to incorporate the home group as a vital core element to the larger corporate gathering. It seems to me that you are faced with the inevitable problem of growth: the larger corporate gathering. It seems this cannot be avoided, as there are elements of group meetings that cannot be accomplished at the small home church level. I also agree that there are key elements of discipleship that cannot be accomplished in a large group setting. I believe we are both trying to accomplish the same outcome, just from opposite ends of the spectrum.

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