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SeedLife is currently a group of people that gather in homes as the church. We hope to become a network of gatherings of people who are dedicated to being Christ’s disciples. With the word and the Spirit as our guides we hope to bring life to each other and very specific groups of people in and around Saskatoon.

We believe that by keeping things simple we can avoid some of the complications in conventional church ministry. While some of us have some experience in house churches we are still learning. SeedLife is an experiment in following an unconventional path to gathering as the church.

If you are interested in being part of a house church/simple church style ministry feel free to send me an email at LeightonTebay@gmail.com

You are invited to follow along with us through this blog. We will chronicle the ups and downs of this project as well as share some of the thinking that has gone in to it.

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  1. Randall October 9, 2007

    Looks good.
    Sounds good.
    Seems good.

    May God be with you, ahead of and behind you, as you walk out this path.

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