Moving beyond church forms

Evangelicalism is so programcentric that when we think about church we immediately think about forms and structure.  Over at the house church blog there is a great post on how life must precede form.  It is a good reminder for me because I tend to fall in to the trap of thinking of church as structure sometimes. 

One of the most difficult things to communicate regarding simple/house church is that we really, really do now want to just re-invent a new (or ancient) form of church.  Instead, we are seeking to re-capture the essential “church life” that Jesus taught—a way of life.  We are, at the core, radical Jesus-followers lived out in the context of everyday life, not church-goers.  The form (when and how we gather) should, simply and fluidly, support the dynamic life that Jesus’ lit-up followers are living and not replace it.

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