What is the Network all about?

The nature and vision of the SeedLife Network has evolved over time as we explored what it mean to follow Christ in intentionally simple communities.  First and foremost the network is a relational one.  Currently the leaders of each individual church have at least one or two solid relationships with other leaders for mutual encouragement, support and accountability.  There is no top down hierarchy or central governance.

There is no formal non-profit organization, no board, no legal structure.  We are people connected with each other.  As a network we are not connected to any denomination but each individual church has the freedom to be part of any Christian denomination they choose.  We work in partnership with any Christian church.  We see ourselves as active participants in the kingdom of God with all of God’s people.

We are theologically diverse and each church has the freedom hold to their own unique expression of the Christian faith.  We practice a gracious attitude towards others concerning our differences.

We believe there are certain advantages to intentionally simple expressions of  church and encourage those who are interested to explore them.  However we do not have an adversarial attitude towards conventional churches seeing all Christians as partners in God’s kingdom.

Occasionally some churches will put together events and invite all churches in the network as well as the larger Christian community to participate.

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